Pre-Need Planning

Having a plan in place ensures that your loved ones know your wishes and are able to honor them without confusion. Let us help you put together a plan that fits your needs.

Since mortality faces us all, the importance of our Pre-Need Trust Plan and Registration Plan should be emphasized. Pre-need arrangements spare survivors the burden of having to make decisions and incur expenses on your behalf during their time of grief. Most important, pre-need arrangements ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, because you have left your desires in writing. There are no enrollment or membership fees for either plan, and Pacific Interment makes it easy for you to complete these arrangements by phone or online, if you wish.

The Pre-Need Trust Plan guarantees the disposition services you select at today’s cost. Payment for your pre-need arrangements is deposited in a trust company handled by Clearpoint Federal Bank and Trust, as required by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Funeral Directors.

As an alternative to our Pre-Need Trust Plan you may choose to participate in our Registration Plan. In this plan, your instructions for your funeral arrangements are carefully recorded and all forms and releases are signed in advance. However, there is no price guarantee for this plan. Your survivors pay all costs at the time of your death.

Once again, there are no enrollment or membership fees for either plan. To set up a Registration or Pre-Need Trust Plan, book an appointment online or in-person at  one of our office locations and relax with peace of mind knowing that these arrangements have been settled.

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