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Our team treats your loved one with care, respects cultural traditions, and can craft custom plans to meet your needs.

Let our family take care of yours

First and foremost we are a family-owned and operated business. Pacific Interment has been serving the Bay Area since 1985. We leverage technology to make the arrangement process as painless as possible while maintaining the high level of attention to detail and service you would expect from a family-run local business. We offer a full array of services from direct cremation to a traditional funeral and everything in between. We assist you through the entire process whether there is an immediate need or you need pre-need planning

We stand by our record of providing excellent service to our clients. Our staff has decades of experience in crafting custom plans to fit every need. Our professional staff is knowledgeable in funeral requirements for different cultures and traditions to ensure every client’s needs are met. Here are some other ways in which Pacific Interment stands out from other firms:

  • Local, Family Owned & Operated Small Business For Over 33 Years
  • We Own & Operate Our On-Site Licensed & Inspected Crematory
  • Own & Operate a Licensed & Inspected Refrigerated Holding Facility
  • Onsite Preparation & Viewing Facilities
  • Spotless Crematory Inspection Records
  • A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau
  • Over 30,000 Incident Free Cremations Performed

Chosen by Jessica Mitford, the author of ‘The American Way of Death’ for her own cremation.

Who was Jessica Mitford?

Jessica Mitford was a writer and civil rights activist who became famous for exposing the dark secrets of the funeral industry in her book “The American Way of Death”. Published in 1963, the book revealed the exploitative practices of funeral directors, who often took advantage of grieving families by charging exorbitant fees for their services. Mitford’s book sparked a national conversation about the funeral industry and led to significant changes in the way that funerals were conducted in the United States.

Mitford’s book was a scathing critique of the funeral industry, which she described as a “racket” that preyed on vulnerable people at their most difficult moments. She exposed the high-pressure tactics that funeral directors used to sell expensive caskets and other unnecessary items, and she revealed the exorbitant markups that were applied to even the most basic funeral services. Mitford’s book was controversial at the time of its publication, but it quickly gained a wide audience and led to significant reforms in the funeral industry. Today, many of the practices that Mitford exposed have been outlawed, and the funeral industry has become more transparent and consumer-friendly as a result.

Our Services

  • Direct Cremation

    Direct Cremation is the simplest form of cremation. Your loved one is collected, the cremation takes place without witnesses, and the ashes are returned to you.

  • Flameless Cremation

    Aquamation Flameless Cremation

    Cutting edge environmentally friendly cremation performed with water and an alkaline solution. Get the same result of a traditional cremation with a dramatically lower carbon footprint.

  • Direct Burial

    A direct burial is the simplest form of intering a loved one’s remains in a cemetery. Our team will facilitate the entire process. There are no witnesses or loved ones at a direct burial.

  • Private Memorial Charters

    The scattering of ashes at sea is a very old tradition. You can charter a boat depending on the number of people that will be in attendance and conduct a ceremony at sea for your loved one.

  • Memorial Services

    Memorial Services accompany many cremations. Our Emeryville & San Francisco facilities have lovely private chapels and we can assist you in planning your memorial event.

  • Non Witnessed Sea Scatterings

    If you would like your loved one’s ashes scattered at sea but do not wish to hold a memorial service, our team will conduct a non witnessed scattering at sea for their ashes.

  • Domestic Shipping

    If a loved one has passed away in the greater San Francisco area we can help facilitate full body and ashes shipping to any location in the United States using our trusted shipping service.

  • International Shipping

    If a loved one has passed away and their remains or ashes need to be repatriated to another country we are happy to assist you in making those preparations. Please call our office for more details.

  • Embalming


    Since we employ a fully licensed funeral director we are able to offer embalming services for your loved one’s remains. Our embalming service can be added to any of our other services.

Serving the Greater Bay Area

Pacific Interment is honored to provide our funeral and cremation services to families in San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. With deep roots in these communities, we understand the diverse needs and traditions that shape each county’s unique fabric.

San Francisco

Known for its iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and bustling cityscape, holds a special place in our hearts. As a local and trusted funeral and cremation service provider since 1985, we are committed to supporting families during their time of need.

With a deep understanding of local customs and a compassionate approach, Pacific Interment stands ready to guide you through the process with care and respect.

Alameda County

Nestled in the beautiful East Bay region, Alameda County is a diverse community rich in culture and history. At Pacific Interment, we honor the unique traditions and preferences of families in Alameda County, ensuring that every detail is handled with sensitivity.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive funeral and cremation services that reflect the individuality of your loved one, offering solace and support to you and your family.

Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County, with its serene landscapes and welcoming communities, is a place of comfort and solace. As a compassionate funeral and cremation service provider in this county, Pacific Interment understands the importance of preserving cherished memories with care.

We stand by your side, offering personalized guidance and professional support, ensuring that your loved one’s final journey is a reflection of their life and the love they shared.

Marin County

Marin County, with its stunning coastal beauty and tranquil neighborhoods, holds a special significance for many families. At Pacific Interment, we embrace the peaceful essence of Marin County as we assist families in their time of grief.

With deep respect for cultural traditions and a commitment to personalized care, we provide comprehensive funeral and cremation services that honor your loved one’s life and bring comfort to your family.

San Mateo County

Nestled between the Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean, is a place of natural beauty and warmth. Pacific Interment is honored to serve families in this county, providing compassionate funeral and cremation services that reflect the unique essence of each individual’s journey.

With attention to detail and a deep understanding of diverse cultural needs, we guide you through the process, offering solace and support during this challenging time.

Santa Clara County

Known for its vibrant communities and technological innovation, Santa Clara holds a special place in the heart of the Bay Area. At Pacific Interment, we embrace forward-looking technology and we understand the importance of blending tradition with modernity.

With expertise in multicultural funeral requirements and a commitment to personalized service, we ensure that every aspect of your loved one’s final farewell in Santa Clara County is handled with the utmost care, respect, and compassion.

We own and operate our crematorium in Emeryville and have multiple locations for your convenience.

Office Locations

We are a local, family-owned business that provides outstanding service to our clients. Our centrally located brick-and-mortar facilities include an on-site crematory, preparation, and viewing facilities that ensure complete in-house control of the entire process from beginning to end. We are not a virtual or e-commerce-only service like most of our competitors that farm out the actual process.

San Francisco

Nestled in the heart of the Mission District, our San Francisco location has been serving residents for decades. Located at the corner of Folsom and 17th Street, this convenient office also has a chapel for memorial services.

2100 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: (415) 431-9940


Our Emeryville location is centrally located minutes from the 580 & 980 interchange. This location houses our in-house crematorium, a memorial chapel, a showroom, and administrative offices.

1094 Yerba Buena Ave, Emeryville, CA 94603

Phone: (510) 450-0187


Right on the border of Oakland and Emeryville, this location is conveniently located right off the 123 near the corner of 40th and Adeline St. This location has an adjoining chapel for memorial services and is where we base our fleet of vehicles.

1084 Yerba Buena Ave, Oakland, CA 94608

Phone: (510) 450-0187

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