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Pacific Interment has been serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 3 decades. Below is a listing of our most utilized services. Keep in mind that since we are a full-service mortuary and own and operate our own crematorium, there are few funerary services that we can not provide. Speak to a team member today about an individualized funeral plan to memorialize your loved one in accordance with their wishes.

We have extensive experience providing services to meet specific religious and cultural traditions from all over the world.

  • Flameless Cremation

    Aquamation Flameless Cremation

    Cutting edge environmentally friendly cremation performed with water and an alkaline solution. Get the same result of a traditional cremation with a dramatically lower carbon footprint.

  • Direct Burial

    A direct burial is the simplest form of intering a loved one's remains in a cemetery. Our team will facilitate the entire process. There are no witnesses or loved ones at a direct burial.

  • Direct Cremation

    Direct Cremation is the simplest form of cremation. Your loved one is collected, the cremation takes place without witnesses, and the ashes are returned to you.

  • Domestic Shipping

    If a loved one has passed away in the greater San Francisco area we can help facilitate full body and ashes shipping to any location in the United States using our trusted shipping service.

  • Embalming


    Since we employ a fully licensed funeral director we are able to offer embalming services for your loved one's remains. Our embalming service can be added to any of our other services.

  • International Shipping

    If a loved one has passed away and their remains or ashes need to be repatriated to another country we are happy to assist you in making those preparations. Please call our office for more details.

  • Memorial Services

    Memorial Services accompany many cremations. Our Emeryville & San Francisco facilities have lovely private chapels and we can assist you in planning your memorial event.

  • Non Witnessed Sea Scatterings

    If you would like your loved one's ashes scattered at sea but do not wish to hold a memorial service, our team will conduct a non witnessed scattering at sea for their ashes.

  • Private Memorial Charters

    The scattering of ashes at sea is a very old tradition. You can charter a boat depending on the number of people that will be in attendance and conduct a ceremony at sea for your loved one.

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